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Customized Digital Marketing Solutions. Expand your business online using our digital marketing solutions to engage, convert & analyze your customers.
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Customized Digital Marketing Solutions

Expand your business online using our digital marketing solutions to engage, convert & analyze your customers.


Quantifi Digital is a full service Demand Side Platform (DSP). This means that through our platform we have access across all the major ad exchanges, networks, and publishers.


We guide our clients through the maze of “what ifs” and craft a design that works to convey the right message to the right audience through the right media.


Display advertising increases brand and category searches, giving you and your brand an even greater chance at capturing lower funnel customers.


We are a one-stop shop for better Search campaigns. We do all the work so that you can focus on growing your business.


Our social media management services develop increased awareness, website traffic and lead generation through strategies formulated for your specific needs.


Our pre-roll video algorithm allows us to choose the player size, incorporate many layers of targeting, and deliver superior results with respect to completion rates and clicks.


Impressions Served in 2018

About Us

Quantifi Digital, in Lima, Ohio, was born from the acknowledgement that the future of marketing is the convergence of media channels into the digital space. The popularity of video, use of mobile, explosion of over the top delivery of television and popularity of digital radio, has driven us to be the tip of the spear in terms of technology and strategy. In our minds, the only way to excel as a digital marketing agency was to control the digital process from creative through delivery to the consumer.

Our three platforms (Demand Side, Data Management, Publisher Management) allow us to reach the ideal consumers for each client/campaign.  We believe solid solutions, created by our team of digital strategists and analysts, rooted in research, yield profitable outcomes. The goal for each client is immediate, positive results. Granular, channel-level, tactical expertise provides increased visibility, a larger share of your online voice and a seamless interface with consumers.

Technology and analytics allow us to evaluate each facet of a customized digital marketing plan. We are constantly optimizing campaign performance in real-time plus 15 minutes. No waiting on monthly reports! But, we never lose focus of the human element.

Clients who utilize our services arrive with common concerns: They aren’t sure what they should do, but they need to “do” digital. Past digital display and PPC campaigns have been ineffective, they have an underperforming/poorly designed website, or their current agency charges exorbitant management fees. Worst of all is the complaint that they don’t feel the reporting is accurate or transparent.

Quantifi Digital operates with integrity and works relentlessly to deliver results that achieve our clients’ digital business objectives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver measureable achievement of your business objectives through strategy, creative, technology, marketing and analytics.

Real-Time Programmatic Platform

The days of traditional television and radio as the dominant means of media consumption are OVER! Traditional media continues to fragment and reinvent itself digitally. This new ecosystem makes it harder and harder for advertisers to reach their target audience. Quantifi Digital can provide your brand with precision targeting on display, online video, social media, and online audio – across all devices. We go wherever your audiences go!


A cake won’t taste good without quality ingredients, and a digital campaign can only be as reliable as the data baked into it. Serving quality inventory to quality audiences is at the heart of what we do. Quantifi Digital has access to audience pools and data from some of the largest and most reliable providers such as Oracle, BlueKai, Sizmek, Double Verify, and Factual Location Services… Just to name a few.

Web Analytics & Reporting

There’s more information and data points available to analyze than ever before. Google Analytics? Click-Thru Rates? Video Completion Percentage? But what does it all mean? Quantfi Digital will help paint a clear picture of your current web footprint and create a new path to grow in the digital space.

Full Multi-Channel Platform

Key Differentiators

Other Agencies: Here’s Our Package for your type of business.

Quantifi Digital: CUSTOMIZED Digital Solutions. We will never sell a package.

Other Agencies: Buy digital media through 3rd party vendors and ad networks.

Quantifi Digital: Buy digital media in-house directly through all major ad exchanges.

Other Agencies: Reps may not be local.

Quantifi Digital: Local in-market agency and media team.

Other Agencies: Long lead times to bring new targeting strategies to market.

Quantifi Digital: The most innovative and cutting edge targeting strategies – RIGHT NOW.

Contact us to learn how we can expand your business online using our digital marketing solutions.